My name is Genevieve Maynard. I’m certified with internationally recognised accreditation in both comprehensive Pilates (large and small apparatus) and Exercise Science. I started practicing Pilates in Australia in 2010 and have been teaching since 2012 in South Africa where I now live. I have done numerous short courses to broaden my knowledge, including BASI Pilates, HFPA, and other certifications. My education in Pilates and the fitness industry continues on a daily basis – there is always something new to learn!

Her classes are inspiring physically and mentally and are a great way to prepare yourself for the day ahead - Sharon

In 2008 I was unable to get out of bed and stand up. I had to roll myself off the edge of the bed in foetal position and gradually work the kinks out to be able to straighten up. I took anti-inflammatory painkillers every day and had resigned myself to a painful middle age.

In 2010 I started to swim to try and strengthen my body and had good results. Within a year I was mobile and had greatly increased my strength and fitness, and had reduced my pain levels. I was swimming 12km a week and felt strong and fit. I had a full gym membership, and out of curiosity I went to a Pilates class.

Being a day time session it was made up largely of seniors, all regular attendees, who whizzed through the exercises, seemingly effortlessly, as I sweated, and shook, swore under my breath, and tried to keep up. The next day I felt sore in places I didn’t know I had muscles in!

It was the most challenging thing I had ever done, and I was hooked.

Seven years down the track I teach Pilates, and incorporate its principals into my life on a daily basis. I am fitter, stronger, and more flexible than I was in my twenties.

I have made so much improvement physically and mentally just by training with her. She has an awesome personality and loves what she does - Marjan