Find more strength and power

In addition to providing balance to problems typically experienced by runners such as tight hamstrings, hip flexors and extensors, and knee, ankle and lower back issues, Pilates can help runners to access more strength and power by focusing on recruiting under-utilised muscles in the lower chain. 

Genevieve has helped me access more strength during my runs and to recover quickly after a heavy training run or race - Giada

It’s common for runners to train the larger muscle groups while neglecting the very important muscles of the feet and ankles. There is scope for huge performance improvement in this area, and because we work in the studio you are not adding more kilometres to achieve the results – smart training in action!

Additionally we work on stability through the pelvis and torso and correcting leg and foot alignment which is so important for an efficient gait cycle. Misalignments or muscular imbalances will cause dysfunctional movement patterns through the whole body.