Staying fit and active before, during, and after your pregnancy has both physical and psychological benefits. Before commencing an exercise program you should check with your gynaecologist.

Pre-natal sessions

Every pregnancy is unique, so I tailor your session to fit you, and your baby. As your body changes I make changes in the exercises, giving you a safe and achievable work out. It is entirely possible to keep exercising right through the third trimester, but again, it depends on how you are feeling, and the recommendations of your gynae.

Pilates is well known for working the core muscles – especially the abdominal section. During pregnancy this is contra-indicated, as your abs are stretching to accommodate your baby.

Your sessions will concentrate on developing strength to accommodate your changing body – working on your thighs, glutes, calves and ankles to support the weight of your growing baby; upper body strength through the shoulders, chest and arms; pelvic floor conditioning to assist with labour and post-natal recovery.

Post-natal sessions

Please consult your gynae before commencing an exercise routine after your child is born, particularly if you had a caesarian or experienced diastasis recti (a separation in the abdominal muscles). Pilates is a great way to get your body back into shape as all the exercises can be scaled or modified to a workable level. As you get fitter and stronger we increase the intensity of your sessions to get you up and running as efficiently as possible.

Your sessions will include building strength in both your lower and upper body, and the all important core and pelvic floor muscles. Pilates can help to deal with stress that may come with a new addition to the family.