My daughter, Camryn , age 15, is a competitive swimmer. Her chiropractor recommended that she should go to Pilates as she had chronic lower back pain due to hyper mobility and over training. The back pain was affecting her performance and making her feel despondent. Camryn started doing  weekly individual sessions with Genevieve. Within 3 months Camryn had qualified for the SA Nationals. 

Thank you Genevieve for assisting Camryn to reach her goal in such a short space of time  - Lindsey F


Purely inspirational, the only way to describe my Pilates experience with Genevieve! Having started three months ago as a tearful (I kid you not) and emotional pupil I cannot believe the transformation, it was my last option before the dreaded neurosurgeon and fusing the lower spine. Clearly four hours under the knife was not on my bucket list and Pilates became the alternative.  I have cherished the time Genevieve has taken to assist and guide me, she has shown just the right amount of compassion before  making me push my boundaries and allowed me to explore exercising outside my safety zone - liberating! I now hike with my amazing family without a back brace, no lifting the leg to get into the car and I can get off the couch and out of bed unaided.......and the best part of all......confidence for mind, body and soul! Don't think, just do - it's a long journey but with Genevieve there is only one outcome, prosperity!  - Debbie S

Challenge: improve posture, strength and stamina – working with low muscle tone (hypotonia)

Stuart, my son aged fourteen, has low muscle tone. As a young boy he went to physiotherapy, whilst this helped, there was no significant improvement. As he grew older, he attended numerous sports coaching lessons in an attempt to improve his skills. Once again progress was slow.  Stuart tired easily and carried himself badly. A friend suggested that we try Pilates. Over a period of six months, doing two sessions per week with Genevieve, he has made steady progress. He is more confident and is able to tackle tasks such as carrying luggage, hurdles and balancing with ease. Teachers and parents have commented on his posture and weight loss. Stuart used to complain of a sore back, since doing Pilates he feels much better. Two weeks ago, for the first time ever, Stuart was invited to attend the school sports awards evening. He received two special mentions in both cricket and soccer. As a teacher myself, I would like to see Pilates introduced within the school PE curriculum - Debbie

Challenge: recover from a back injury, enhance performance as distance runner 

I began my Pilates training with Genevieve after a severe lower back spasm that had me incapacitated for several weeks. As a runner, I was devastated especially on account of feedback from the physio that the cause of my spasm may have been my running gait which included a tendency to overcompensate with my left leg. I was sceptical about Pilates initially given my thoughts that it did not constitute a hard-core cardio workout and I wasn’t sure that just plain ‘stretching’ exercises would sort me out. The first workout had me eating my words as I emerged nicely fatigued and sweat-drenched. Four months later, I have considerable improvement in the flexibility of my hamstrings and lower back together with stronger glutes and greater strength in my ankles which has alleviated Achilles strain after long runs and half marathons. Genevieve has helped me access more strength during my runs and to recover quickly after a heavy training run or race. I can also touch my toes when I stretch now which is an added bonus!  - Giada

Challenge: to get fit, strong and tone up for our wedding

Genevieve has helped myself and my partner grow in strength and motivation. Not only was she accommodating in terms of training class times, but she tailored her classes to suit us. She ensured that the classes were packed, varied and executed correctly, checking on us as we went along. We have found her to be brilliant at what she does as an instructor and her personality keeps you going :) We love her classes and would recommend her to anybody wanting a personalised Pilates class that will build strength and challenge you to perform at the best of your abilities - Cindy and Mark

Challenge: to increase fitness and tone up safely with rheumatoid arthritis

I have attended Pilates classes on and off for eight years but had become disenchanted with my instructor and went in search of better teacher. I had various options available but when I attended one of Genevieve’s group classes I knew that she was the instructor I had been looking for. I noticed that despite there being about ten people in the class she constantly checked everyone’s form to ensure that they were doing the exercise correctly so as not to cause injury. I approached her asking if she did private classes. She has done that in a way that has made it so convenient for me, she comes to my home and she is flexible, allowing me to make up sessions if I should be away.

I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and Genevieve constantly adapts her lesson according to my need and varies the class every session to ensure an overall workout. Often she adapts the exercise according to my pain on that particular day and is constantly looking for different exercises to help me.

Genevieve is a great motivator, she encourages me to persevere. She has enhanced this aspect of my life - Dot

Challenge: to increase fitness and strength safely with an existing back injury

I had no prior experience of Pilates as an exercise form, so at the first session Genevieve took time to explain it to me and at the same time to hear from me what my areas of concern and limitations were. Although I am generally fit, Genevieve took heed of the fact that I have back problems and worked into my weaknesses and strengths. She didn’t “play into” my age which I appreciated and each lesson was different and new. I really enjoyed the challenge and came away feeling  well - Dorienne

Challenge: to increase fitness and strength

I found Genevieve to be an inspiring Pilates instructor. She offered compassionate support while pushing me to reach further and at the same time recognising the limitations of my body. Genevieve designed & offered a daily programme specifically designed to meet the needs of my body. She has a great understanding & passion for Pilates and gave excellent demonstrations & clear & easy to follow directions - Thandi

Challenge: motivate, inspire and improve post-natal fitness

I found Genevieve to be very professional as a Pilates instructor and her knowledge in the discipline was remarkable. She went the extra mile to create my own personal training program which meant that every session resulted in different exercises, with increased intensity which helped me stay focused and increased my strength and fitness over time. I would highly recommend Genevieve as a Pilates instructor and will definitely use her services again, as and when the opportunity presents itself - Robyn


Challenge: to design and deliver a group class that will cater to all levels of fitness

I have been attending a group Pilates class under Genevieve Maynard’s instruction for quite a while now. Not only have her classes grown to bursting point, but she monitors each and every student with an eagle eye. Her instructions are concise, self-explanatory and comprehensive. I have also found the exercises progress as the students gain strength which affords better body condition, tone and strength. Of all the Pilates instructors I have exercised under she is far and away the best - Michele

When I met Genevieve for the first time and trained with her, I knew she was a professional person who is so dedicated and passionate about Pilates instructing. I have made so much improvement physically and mentally just by training with her. She has an awesome personality and loves what she does. I enjoy training with her and can feel the improvements day by day. She is an awesome instructor who teaches from her heart - Marjan

I find Genevieve to be a very inspiring instructor. She is very conscientious and takes time to instruct each person with care, explaining the principals of Pilates with diligence. Her classes are inspiring physically and mentally and are a great way to prepare yourself for the day ahead - Sharon