High Intensity Interval Pilates

A traditional Pilates workout is not known for its high calorie burn rate compared to, say, a step class, although at a high intermediate or advanced level you will work harder and therefore burn more. To aid beginners, intermediate level clients, or people wanting to add a weight loss or cardio fitness component to their fitness routine I implement a high-intensity interval Pilates workout. Like any kind of high intensity interval training workout there needs to be a base level of ability and fitness, so if you are starting Pilates with an injury or a health issue I will take this into account.

I monitor your body mechanics to ensure that you do not start making unsafe or valueless movements, such as collapsing knees in squats, or jerking or swinging yourself forward in a chest lift (crunch) rather than using your abdominal muscles.

This is a high intensity stamina and strength based work out – great fun, and very challenging!